The difference is in the time of aging

bet36体育在线The long aging in oak barrels reveals a rich bouquet of flavours.

Top quality is our standard

bet36体育在线The best musts and the most advanced processing methods to create a product that is safe, structured and rich.

Without caramel and artificial colorings

GMO free

Suitable for coeliacs

100% Italian

Aged in precious oak barrels

Flavours beyond borders

Vinegar - Prestigio Line

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

bet36体育在线The best in flavour and intensity

Vinegar - Prestigio Line
Vinegar - Prestigio Line

Vinegar - Selezione Line

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

bet36体育在线Distinct identity with a rounded taste

Vinegar - Selezione Line
Vinegar - Selezione Line

bet36体育在线Each drop contains the pride of our land

Note di Nero comes from Modena and arises from the passion for a product symbol of our territory

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Aceto balsamico

condimenti e dintorni

Via Carriera, 133

41126 Modena – Italia

Phone: +39 059 65 42 80

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